Aparajeya Shanker

Medical Policy, Education, Research

My assignments

I am currently assigned to multiple organizations and am also part of many educational and research projects. Further details about my assignments can be found below:

  • Chairman: MU Pleven Debate Society

  • Local Public Health Officer: Association of Medical Students of Bulgaria-Pleven

  • Ambassador: Medical Students on a Mission

  • European Student Think Tank International Officer

  • Administrator and Founder: The Medical Trench

Previously, I was privileged to work as:

  • European Student Think Tank (Ambassador to Bulgaria)

About Me

I am a medical student currently studying in Bulgaria. My motivation for pursuing medicine as a career began as an appreciation for the human condition, and the desire to drive meaningful change. Over the years, I have come to appreciate the important role of medicine in maintaining a healthy and secure society, and the recognition that healthcare is central to the security of society and is in itself, a human right. I seek to drive meaningful change in medicine, by driving conversations in medicine and by educating my colleagues in medicine. As an avid debater with over 10 years of experience, I feel that discussing important issues in medicine, encouraging my colleagues to speak out, and to drive conversations that affect health and healthcare, are central to achieving my goals.

Medical experience

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